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By | April 19, 2014

Palm Beach State College www.palmbeachstate.edu Issue 5• Spring 2013 In this issue: Palm BeaCh State hIStory

WEST PALM BEACH JUPITER PALM BEACH GARDENS BOCA RATON DELRAY BEACH LAKE PARK BOYNTON BEACH RIVIERA BEACH rn e l y l a e h h e d d Butts t s k h o h h y n s a Can Pines rd h a o re s a t s Murcott m h x k d l p d re o Palm Beach County School Board Member District 6 Lake Okeechobee

West Palm Beach, FL 33402 • Fax (561) 863-5379 • E-mail: RN; Ruth Larkin, RN Director of Pediatric Services visited St. Luke School in West Palm Beach to provide free vision, hearing, and scoliosis screen-ings. Call Kimberly A. Eloe at (561)

1st st West Palm Beach 5th st st 3rd st WestPa rn g' '(Beach F Rescue Station I anest 'VIP A L M 2nd sis § EACH tote H Henry Morrison F ag er Museum

FOREST HILL HIGH SPANISH RIVER HIGH JOHN I. LEONARD HIGH OLYMPIC HEIGHTS HIGH WILLIAM T. DWYER HIGH PALM BEACH LAKES HIGH 3300 Forest Hill Blvd. West Palm Beach, Fl 33406 School Board Member Districts Monroe benaim, M.D. Chuck Shaw Karen M. Brill

3300 Forest Hill Blvd, C-316 West Palm Beach, FL 33406-5869 Dear Superintendent Gent: Goo Pam Stewart Commissioner of Education your letter of appeal regarding the 2013 preliminary high school grade for Lake Worth High School (50- 0691).

Forest Hill High School, West Palm Beach Lori Cisneros, Broward County Public Schools 23. December 7, 2009 Not Bland or Boring: Creating Brilliant Online Presentations 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM . Sheridan Technical Center, Hollywood Kimberly Gates, e

3320 Forest Hill Blvd. C-110 West Palm Beach, FL 33406-5813 Phone: (561) 434 Fax: (561) 434-8187 or (561) 434-8815 Attention: Concurrency The School District of Palm Beach County School Concurrency Application & Service High Rise Apartments Concurrency Service Area (CSA

Forest Hill High 7 Auto Collision Repair & Refinishing West Boca Raton Community High 25 Dance & Math – Royal Palm Beach High 80 Small School Continuum – Village Academy 81 Sports Management & Recreation – Palm Beach Gardens High 82 Teacher Education

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