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By | April 20, 2014

ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN NURSING LPN/RN Fast Track Program Advisors: A. Beard, C. Smith, L. Willingham Health Sciences Division Major Code: ADN Prerequisites: (Must be completed prior to admission to the RN program)

DNP Program Director. Objectives A. Describe the collaborative PhD program Linda Godley, PhD, RN Alcorn State University Shelia Adams, EdD Mississippi University for Women Kim W. Hoover, PhD MUW and DSU 5. All will offer BSN-DNP beginning in 2013. MECDNP Schools of Nursing Delta State

Contact Coordinators of Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practionare Program: Donna J. Marvicsin, PhD, RN, PNP-BC/ Kristy K. Martyn Address 400 N. Ingalls Street City, State, MUW – 910 City, State, Zip Columbus, MS 39701-5800 Phone (877) 462-8439 E-Mail

Coordinator of the RN-BSN program and taught in the undergraduate and graduate programs. In 1999, she received the Caterpillar Award for Excellence in Teaching. Her clinical area of expertise is adult health and research interests include health promotion

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The purpose of this presentation is to describe plans and methodologies used to create a new BSN-DNP Emergency Nursing Specialization Registered Nurse MUW Graduate Nursing Program 2001–present Advanced Pharmacology: Hypertension

Legal Issues in Nursing MISSISSIPPI UNIVERSITY FOR WOMEN RN/BSN OPTION . 2003. The Law & Liability a Guide for Nurses. 2nd ed. Hatfield, Karen (NMMC) HIPPA presentation to MUW faculty. May 13, 2003 Reid, Anna Jane. Law All Nurses Should Know. 2003. Marquis,B. Management Decision Making

Who appends B.S.N./R.N. (Bachelor of Science in Nursing/Registered Nurse) or any similar appendage to his/her name without having been conferred said degree or registration; or. who, as a registered and licensed nurse,

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